5 Tips For The Best Bridal Photos

March 23, 2017

Everyone is a bit nervous about being centre stage when it comes time for your all important bride and groom shots. You don’t need to be. Follow these really simple tips and you will find yourself with winning wedding images:

  1. Find and embrace the light. The light is your friend and will help to illuminate you.
  2. Know your angles. Everybody has a better angle. You will love your photos moreso knowing that it has captured your best side.
  3. Use highlighters on the tops of your cheekbones and inside the end of your eyebrow arch. It will help make your skin look luminescent and healthy in the bask of light.
  4. Think of beautiful moments when you first got together as a couple and this will bring you back to why you are there. It’s sometimes hard to focus on the most important part of the big day amidst the chaos of wedding organisation and everything needing to be on a schedule.
  5. Be yourself with your other half and have fun. Natural, uncontrived moments caught are the making of wedding images that will become your favourites. Trust me!